Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This'll Be Fun

Today is going to be a fun day at work. We are performing a 24 hour audit of a piece of machinery in the plant in order to prove to the manufacture that it is not performing as well as promised when the machine was purchased. This consists of two 12 hour shifts by the process engineers (like myself) and other management members. The shift I took? Not the 6 AM to 6 PM shift...but the 6 PM to 6 AM graveyard.

I get to be a fly on the wall watching a particular section of the line run for 12 hours without doing anything but watching, and recording when my area stops.

I'm gonna be a zombie Friday morning.

But on a side note, I'm REALLY excited about all the dirt track racing that is going on this weekend!!! Friday night is the Lucas Oil Rome Rumble in Rome, GA, and Saturday night is the Dixie Shootout at Dixie Speedway in Woodstock. I've got my tickets, and I am VERY excited about it.

*UPDATE* I finished the audit and left work at about 7:30 AM Friday morning, came home, slept, then checked back in on things from 4-6, and the Rome Rumble afterwards was a LOT of fun! Tonight, Dixie Shootout!!!

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