Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mark Levin Kicks Teresa Ghilarducci's Tail

Wow. Mark Levin put a Beat-Down on Teresa Ghilarducci on Monday. But it wasn't an "I'm gonna shove facts down your throat" beat down. It was an "I'm gonna let you sound like an idiot" beat down.

Levin asked Dr. G questions about her plan that made her think she was in a nice, warm, and inviting environment (and you can tell it worked by her tone), when really, he was asking very calculated questions, aimed at making her answer in a way that she believed was smart, but listeners think that she doesn't have a clue what she's talking about.

Like when he was asking her about the Social Security "Trust Fund," he asked her where the money is. Her reply was that it is backed "By the full faith and credit of the United States." After some pressing from Levin about the fact that the money has already been spent, she admitted that the money has been "Borrowed by the government."

There were even times where she COMPLETELY contradicted herself. Here is this woman saying that we need the government to control our retirement accounts. Then Levin asked her if she had a pension. to which she replies "I have a GREAT pension that goes into a fund that is professionally managed" and her "trustees bargain with WALL STREET to get the best prices."

The best part? At the end;
Levin: Alright my friend. Alright, listen to me...We've got to go, you're a good sport. Just do me one favor, will you?
Dr. G: Yeah?
Levin: Stop detroying my country. Thank you for your call.

It's amazing!!!!

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