Monday, October 27, 2008

I Just Got To This

Plot to assasinate Obama

With the first black candidate in history, comes the possibility of something like this happening. Although I have to acknowledge the presence of "Assassination Chic" towards the Bush Administration, there have been no actual attempts on his life, despite the "Zero Curse" looming over his presidency.

Although I do not like the proposed policies of Democrats, and more over Barack Obama, I do not condone ANY form of harm directed in his direction, especially in the name of racism.

Racism is something that is a very hot topic for me and one that I absolutely cannot stand. The rampant use of the N-word from whites, and blacks is deeply appalling to me, and I firmly believe that all people are created equal under God. The only difference in people is what they do with those God given talents, and that ANYBODY, with the will to succeed and the proper encouragement can accomplish the greatest of things.

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