Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Debate Live-Blogging

Question one - How do we bail out average people who are losing money?

Barack used the tired line about the failed policies of the last 8 years, and that the Republicans had a lack of regulations...If McCain doesn't jump on that....I may have to vote for Bob Barr.

Whiff number one for Mac.

FINALLY! Go Mac! The link b/w Obama and Fannie has been used, and Obama did not respond to the fact that he was the #2 recipient of the lobbying money.

Here is Obama in a nut-shell. Under Bush, the deficit has grown to 10 Trillion. Under me, we're going to spend more money for health care, entitlements and others that will cost trillions of dollars. But some how I'm going to have a net decrease in spending.

Mac needed to hit him about raising taxes on people (ie small business owners) who make more than $2.8 Million by over $700,000 (25% of their income) and that small businesses don't pay capital gains taxes because THEY ARE NOT PUBLICALLY TRADED!!! They pay INCOME TAXES!

Obama ducking out of the entitlement question, and Mac called him out on it, "I'll answer the question Tom."

Obama is really about to say he won't drill??!!

Mac hits Obama on the difference b/w Private sector solutions and Government Mandates. Hehe, and the red light stopped flashing, and Tom wasn't waving.

McCain very good on intervention. The Pakistan question may be interesting.

Publicly announcing an attack decreases public opinion of you in that country. True.

Obama just gave McCain a VERY mean glare when he said "He thinks I'm a little green behind the ears."

Mac is owning Obama on Iraq. Obama is struggling to deliver his ideas. He'd against the ropes.

Mac made a good quip about the no preconditions statement Obama made, and then I found this quote from the Factcheck.org forums.
"Why wouldn't Obama meet unconditionally with the leaders of Iran, he met with Bill Ayers, a terrorist."

Last words. Obama on his soap box, McCain speaking similarly to FDR's fireside chats.

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