Monday, October 6, 2008

I'll Admit It, I'm Starting To Question Their Pricing

Here in GA, we have just gotten out of a gasoline crisis which left many people stranded, and stuck in long lines at the pump.

With this, I can understand the increase of the price of gas back to $4 per gallon to shrink the demand to the level of the supply. But now the crisis is over, and oil settled today at $87.81, nearly half the record highs of over $147 a barrel just a few months ago.

What irks me is that I can see the gas prices in places like Oklahoma, Missouri, and even my old home, Tennessee, and the gas prices are 50 cents lower in TN, and down to $2.77 a gallon in Oklahoma.

Granted there is a refinery in Oklahoma, but as oil prices plummet, but prices remain the same, I can't help but start to wonder where somebody is making a killing.

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Stew Magoo said...

No kidding. I just traveled to Columbus (GA), Jacksonville (FL) and Savannah (GA) and the prices I saw were 3.79, 3.44 and 3.35 respectively.

My neighbor at work is a Chevron station. Even when they were "out of gas" he still had gas.

I hate to be a conspirator but damn... sure looks like Atlanta was a test market to me.