Wednesday, October 8, 2008

CNN Poll - Obama Won?

Umm, Excuse me? There were 2 or 3 questions Obama entirely didn't answer, and yet look at this crap;

54% said Obama did better to 30% McCain
65% called O more likeable
57% thought Obama was more intellegent to 25% Mac
60% thought O better expressed himself to 30% McCain

But here's the kicker;
According to the poll, 64 percent had a favorable opinion of Obama after the debate, up four points from the pre-debate result. McCain’s favorability rating remained unchanged: both before and after the debate percent of those polled had a favorable opinion of the Republican nominee both before and after the debate.

So the poll tipped the scales anyways, 60% for Obama.

Figures. Although I think McCain nailed Obama on a lot of things, Obama may have too strong of a hold on people's emotions this election, when they need to be voting with their minds. Obama has created a "warm and fuzzy" feeling that people just can't shake, regardless of what you tell them.

That is not a good thing.

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Wyatt Earp said...

Obama will win in a landslide. I hate that he will, but there are just too many stupid, uninformed voters in this country.