Sunday, August 9, 2009

How Do These Statements Work?

First, a caller to Sean Hannity's radio show was speaking in support of the ObamaCare Bill being pushed through the legislative process. This is a summary of the conversation;

The caller talks to Sean about how this will give better coverage to Americans, and also include 47 Million Americans (While leaving 37 Million others uninsured). Sean counters asking the man to name one government run program that has been run well. Then Sean stops and says, "Well, I can think of one. The Military. The government does an excellent job taking care of the men and women in the military." The caller then responds with "Well, what about the V.A.? It's terrible"

Think about that statement for a little bit.

Done thinking? No? OK, take a minute more.

So Government Health care = Good. But Veteran's Health Care provided by the government is bad?

The next comes from this video, with a little back story from Democrat Talking Points. The past couple weeks, not only have the (D)'s gone to attacking protesters, but also claiming that Health Insurance Executives should be seen as villains. When Jared Polis was asked questions about ObamaCare, the cameras rolled, and caught the tail end of this conversation at 1:42...
Woman 1 (Pro-ObamaCare): "...Turn their company around by denying thousands of people."
Woman 2(Anti-ObamaCare): "And that's how they make their money? Is by denying coverage?"
Pro-ObamaCare protesters all agree.

This one may take a little longer so I'll give you 2 minutes.

Got it? If not here's a hint. How can Health Insurance companies be making money from people who are not paying premiums?

The way that insurance companies make money is that they take the premiums you pay and invest them under the idea that the amount they can make on the interest from your premiums will be more than the cost of your coverage. If your premiums to the health care industry over the course of 10, 15, 20 years isn't more than the cost of the coverage, is it really worth you paying the premiums to begin with? Why not find a way to finance the costs of the services?

Logic. ObamaCare has not.

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