Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Current Reactions To The Un-Support

Nothing says "What have we gotten into" better than Tim Bishop's reaction to getting a verbal bitch slap from a Veteran who puts him in his place after saying that the V.A. is Efficient and Effective without ever actually going to a V.A. Hospital.

Watch it. It's amazing


Anonymous said...

I wonder what the work efficient means to him??? Does it mean it is cheap at the risk of Vets health? Like when they re-used medical equiptment that is to be thrown away after one use and vets got hepitis, or AIDS, or for the vet that went in to have his galbladder removed and they nicked a major blood vessel causing him to lose both legs, or the condition the VA hospitals were in just recently???Or the time people have to wait to get treated??? Maybe they did save some money and reduce the number of people needing their services my their poor treatment and conditions! Guess that is efficient! We are all going to having the same quality of health care to look forward to soon!!!!

Robert said...

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