Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Extreme Opinions In Times Of London Comments

I found this in the comment section of ToL's article of the recent bombings in Baghdad (Any emphasis mine);

Shame on the US and UK for leaving Iraq in such a mess. Bush and Blair should have been hanged not Saddam Hussain. Saddam was ruthless, but atleast kept Iraq together and gave his people a better quality of life. The invasion of Iraq gave a god sent opportunity for Al Qaeda to spread its tentacles. Saddam unlike the US propaganda against him was anti-Al Qaeda (the blind right wingers in this forum from the US will disagree). This mess will take a long time to clear and the Iraqis will pay with thier blood for the folly of the Western powers.

Yes, because we left Iraq in such a bad place...Would you have rather the US and British troops had left in early 2007 when Democrats started pressuring President Bush to pull out?
And the U.S. allied with Al-Qaeda? Seriously? We are allies with an organization that attacked the same building twice, a U.S. Embassy, multiple U.S. Consulates, and a U.S. naval vessal? (Source:
And in response to another comment earlier that described hearing "glee in the Americans voices" when things of this nature happen; What glee? Does it sound like I'm happy when I yell;


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