Sunday, July 19, 2009


You'll see me here not caring. There's an article I saw the other day that said that in the United States alone, 36,000 to 40,000 people die EVERY YEAR from the seasonal flu.

Number of U.S. citizens that have died from H1N1 so far in the US...263. Total cases 40,617. So in 1 year H1N1 will kill MAYBE 1/40th the people of the regular flu.

Ok, the virus has spread world-wide, but it doesn't do anything. In my opinion, why bother? I think the media hyped the virus up so much that they can't just say "Never mind." I say the WHO is right to stop counting the number of cases, just not for the same reasons they are.

Let the virus take it's course, run through and people build an immunity to it, at which point the population gains an immunity to it and it just begins to go away.

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Dave said...

It's just the media trying to get our mind off the economy.