Tuesday, July 21, 2009

No Buyers Remorse?

Rasmussen has a daily tracking of not only Obama's approval rating, but also tracks things like who they trust on certain issues.

Looking at the topics in terms of (%Trust in Dems - %Trust in GOP) with the rank in importance as their number
3) Health Care +4%
8) Education +3%

OK, so they have two. Let's dig deeper;
1) Economy -5%
2) Ethics/Corruption -1%
4) National Security -9%
5) Social Security -5%
6) Taxes -16%
7) Immigration -6%
9) Abortion -7%
10) War in Iraq -4%

Out of the top 10 issues for the country, America trusts the GOP more than Democrats on 8 of 10 issues.

Something else that should emphasize that the people elected politicians that don't give a rat's a$$ about them? These are in (Help - Hurt)%
Tax increases help or hurt economy? -31%
Tax cuts help or hurt economy? +31%
Increases in Gov't spending help or hurt economy? -23%
Decreases in Gov't spending help or hurt economy? +19%

So, America thinks that decreasing taxes and decreasing government spending are the best way to help the economy. Think about the results of these polls, and the plans of Democrats.
  • Cap and Trade (Tax on Carbon emissions)
  • Income Surtax
  • Tobacco Tax Increase
  • Eliminating Social Security Contribution limit (but keeping benefits same)
  • Tax on Executive Bonuses
  • Government run health care
  • Government run banks/financial institutes
  • Government run Auto Makers

The only thing I have to say is read the book Fleeced by Dick Morris. The book was published in June 2008 before the election, and the predictions are eerily similar.

To those who got caught up in the Hope n' Change bliss...Told you so.

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