Sunday, November 7, 2010

Enhanced Pat Downs

I was flipping through Drudge and stumbled across an article about TSA's new Enhanced Pat Downs. Short story is that if you are randomly selected for a pass through the millimeter wave imaging machine and decline it, instead of a palm away frisk, the TSA has enacted what they call "Enhanced Pat Downs."

They are a palm forward once over of all areas of the body...ALL areas. For a woman wearing a skirt this includes a up-skirt run up the inside of both legs, and a bump in another area. For guys, the same. As far as I can tell right now there are no restrictions for same sex pat-downs and there are no limitations to the minimum age. I'm not even sure if you can request a different person to perform the pat-down.

I can sense lawsuits coming in the future for this and personally I am going to write my representative about the policy. Although I am ok with the scanner and would have one taken, I do feel this goes a bit too far.

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