Saturday, November 7, 2009

Boise Calls For High Caliber Opponent

Yahoo has an article about how Boise State is looking for a high caliber opponent to face in the 2011 season to justify their current 9-0 record. Of course they are up in arms because they have 9 weeks still open.

Boise State athletic director Gene Bleymaier complains about how schools who gripe about Boise's unbelievably weak schedule are not signing up in groves to challenge them.

What Gene doesn't take into account is that those schools already have full schedules for the 2011 season. Florida, Texas, Southern Cal, and others all have full schedules even through 2012. In the SEC, Alabama and LSU would be able to challenge Boise, but only have a few days available. Other conferences are the same way.

The fact is that most schools are already booked up for the next 2, 3, sometimes 4 and 5 years. But that fact is ignored, and Boise gets to continue to play the victim of an unfair BCS system, and continue to defeat everyone else in the walk-over WAC conference (WAC teams are 17-18 out of conference, SEC teams are 33-6, Big 12 are 35-13, and PAC 10 are 20-9) without facing anyone of any difficulty outside of their conference.

Shut-up Boise, I hope you continue to win, Florida and Bama play undefeated in the SEC title, and the others above Boise fall out. I want to see Boise get crushed, and if this scenario plays out, I urge whichever team plays Boise to never let up.

Play first string all game, and settle for nothing less than 70 points.

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Ssssteve said...

I agree whole heartedly! Except they did beat my ducks so I hate them even more!! HA