Saturday, October 17, 2009

TTU Highlights MIT Department and Theta Tau Member

It's always good to read breaking articles about your Alma Mater. In this case, even though I graduated in Mechanical Engineering, many of my Theta Tau brothers were in the MIT (Manufacturing and Industrial Technology) department. Recently, they have been highlighted in the effort to take used canola oil from the cafeteria and turn it into biofuel.
Now, granted I'm not one who believes that humans are the primary cause of "Climate change" (I strongly believe the sun is the main instigator in that), but the process of turning used oil into biofuel is just cool!

Another person highlighted is member, and girlfriend to another Theta Tau member, Azurae Johnson. Azurae is a chemical engineering major who is researching nanocomposites at TTU.

How awesome is that? GO TECH!

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