Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Boo-Hoo EU

The European Union has turned their Enviro-guns on the United States effectively as THE reason they believe that Global Warming has not been controlled.
“So far, we thought the basic problem was the Chinese and the Indians. But now I think the problem appears to lie most clearly with the US,” a European Commission official said.
Forget the fact that the United States has only increased their emissions by 0.7% while China has increased (and will continue to increase their emissions) by 2.6% and are not required by the Kyoto Treaty to reduce their emissions AT ALL...

The United States is THE cause for Global Warming!

China is projected to increase their emissions annually and by 2030 are projected to account for 34% of global carbon emissions. Right now they are at 21.5%. Based on the projection that the global CO2 emissions in 2030 will be 40.1 Billion Tons/yr, that is an increase from 6.1 Billion tons per year to 11.6 Billion Tons per year in China ALONE. That is a 90% increase over 25 years. The United States is projected to increase annually at 0.5% per year. In total that gives the United States a total increase in carbon emissions of 13.3% over the next 25 years, or 6.5 Billion Tons in 2030.

Sounds like the E.U. needs to point those guns someplace else.

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