Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Obama Picks A Candidate

President Obama selected Judge Sonia Sotomayor as his candidate for Supreme Court Justice.

Many people point to the fact that 3 of her 5 decisions that were heard by the Supreme Court (Out of 380 total rulings) were overturned by the Supreme Court. At first glance that seems like a valid point to go after. I actually disagree.

The Supreme court hears approximately 80 cases per year. With that known, how many cases would they hear that the Supreme Court would simply agree with the judge. Probably not very many. I would think that the reason the Supreme Court would take on a case is when they feel it should be overturned, or that there is reason to believe that it could be overturned. Therefore a high overturn rate would be normal. Unless some one informs me otherwise, that will be my opinion on that.

HOWEVER, I do think that she is not a good candidate for SCoTUS for two simple reasons. 1) Her controversial statements that she has said on record, and 2) The fact that she has been chastised multiple times.

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