Monday, September 8, 2008

Yay For My Sister!

My sister, Michelle has finally had enough of griping to me about her frustrations towards Obama and his adoring fans in the media. Therefore she has created her own blog, Lamb in the Lion's Den.

It's very aptly named since like The Man, she is in the north-east where liberalism is as common as grass. Wait...bad analogy for that region. Liberalism is as common as a high-rise building in Manhattan. Better!

Her blog is new, but it is very informed. I was impressed at some of the information she had dug up. Like the fact that the media has latched on to Todd Palin's DUI 22 years ago, but not Obama's admitted drug use about the same time. Or, how they have also pitched the stories about Bristol Palin's unwed pregnancy at the age of 17, but they make no comment about how Obama's mother was only 18 when she gave birth to Barack, and was not married until after he was concieved. Nor do they mention the fact that even though Bristol is pregnant, she is accepting the consequences of her actions rather than feeling like she has been "punished with a baby" and aborting it.

Chekc it out...NOW!